Below are the steps to help you successfully establish a record with ACE and allow you to receive your official transcript.

Step 1: Acquire an signed College Credit Application from the Training Center and submit the application and $45 processing fee made payable to the Electrical Training Alliance.
Please remember to include an email address on the form. You will be notified via email by the Electrical Training Alliance once your application and payment has been received. Once you receive the email, please follow the next steps...

Step 2: Establish an Account on the ACE Website
In order to do this you will need to log on to: Select "Register Now" and complete the information to establish your account. You only need to register on this site one time for the online Transcript Service. If you have previously registered for the online Transcript Service, it is not necessary to register again. You will receive an automatically generated email to inform you that your ACE record has been established. At this point you may choose to activate your record or submit courses to the Electrical Training Alliance for approval.

Step 3: Submitting Courses to the Electrical Training Alliance for approval
1. Use the link Select "Course Search." On the Search page, select "Electrical Training Alliance" from the list of organizations. Select "Find."
2. All of the credit recommended courses will be listed. Select the course that uyour with to submit for approval. Review the course information and if you wish to continue, select "Add Course." Enter the date you completed the course and select "Update Course." Once you have completed adding all of your courses, select "Submit for Review."
3. The course(s) have been submitted to the Electrical Training Alliance. Once they have been approved by the Electrical Training Alliance, you will receive an email that the courses have been added to your transcript.

Step 4: Activate Your Record
To activate your record, log on to Select "Returning Users." Select the login associated with the record that you established. This site will allow you to view your record and order transcripts. Th Electrical Training alliance has paid your registration fee which includes one official transcript. Additional transcripts are $15.00 each.