The CW/CE program incorporates Electrical Training Alliance (Formerly the National Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee) curriculum, trade essential subject matter, and hands-on instruction. The curriculum has been designed to provide you with the essential knowledge to become a highly qualified and capable Journeyman Wireman. The curriculum will cover subjects such as; trade essential mathematics, DC and AC theory, transformers, motors, motor controls, relays, conduit bending, conduit threading, welding, wiring devices, etc. Also informational subjects involving safety, job site behavior, and what it means to be an IBEW electrician and NECA/Signatory Contractor employee. This includes understanding our Collective Bargaining Agreement, and your benefits and responsibilities as a member. Also CE-3 curriculum will be all Oklahoma Unlimited Electrical Licensing examination preparation that will be open to any member who needs it.

The pace of the program has been structured to keep everyone right on track with your goal of becoming an Electrical Journeyman Wireman.

Hours of On-the-Job Training

   CW-1A 1000 hours
   CW-1B*   500 hours
   CW-2    1500 hours
CW-3    1500 hours
CW-4    1500 hours

   CE-1   2000 hours
   CE-2   2000 hours
CE-3     2000 hours      

Grand Total 12,000 hours**

*Probation 1,000 Hours
**2000 hours OJT is roughly 1 calendar year